Our design will give you the edge


Our graphic design gives clients' products and brands the edge in their marketplace. Not only do we produce high quality designs, we create strong visual identities that are consistent with an organisation's character and objectives. 

We design for web, print and mobile devices. We specialise in branding and identity design, logos and typography. Contact us to discuss your needs today.

Identity design

Engage Komms-Haus to ensure that your identity stands out from the crowd and sends out the right message.

We are always keen to work with you to craft an identity for your organisation, product, service, or other offering.  

As part of this process, we talk to you about your goals and how you would like your clients to remember your organisation. And then we get to work transforming the concepts into a visual element that resonates with people when they see it.  



Typography - the arrangement of type suited to a purpose and visual effect - is experiencing a revival, and for good reason. 

The right lettering, arranged beautifully, communicates your organisation's values and professionalism more strongly than a thousand words ever will (to borrow a metaphor). 

Komms-Haus can help you improve your visual communications by applying typography to logotypes (logos composed of type), websites, campaigns, products, you name it. 

If you have something you want to communicate strongly, type might be the best way to do it.