Products to deliver on your strategy


Pictograms and icons

Recognisable at a glance, pictograms or icons can take your communications to the next level. They reach a wider group of people, they cross language barriers, and are easier to recognise than words. 

A suite of pictograms can be used across your website, in print, on signage, anywhere you need to communicate, extending your brand even further. 

Feel free to contact us about using pictograms or icons. We develop whole suites of icons, through to one or two that might be needed for a particular purpose. 


The visual presentation of complex concepts - infographics are a rapid way to make an impression.

Perfect for annual reports, brochures, e-newsletters, posters... the list is endless. 

We all have a limited amount of time to reach our audience and infographics help to maximise what we can convey, increasing the success of our communications. 

Infographics have staying power because they can encapsulate your key information succinctly, and this is the information you generally want to share the most widely.


Brochures, booklets and custom publications

Komms-Haus provides a complete service in the production of print and online brochures, booklets and publications. We write, edit, proofread, design and deliver publications to your specifications. 

Whether you just have an idea or have developed a completed draft, we can help you to produce a professional and polished publication worthy of your brand.

Multicultural services

Tap into Komms-Haus' expertise in designing for and communicating with multicultural audiences. 

We can help you convey your message to multicultural niches, including working with your translators to produce materials in other languages and scripts. Give your communications the edge and boost their credibility not just through translation, but by using visual design and references that are meaningful to your audience.

Wayfinding (signage)  and display

Make the most of your signage and displays by considering graphic elements and design, icons and pictograms, and typography. 

Reach more people and communicate more clearly through signage and displays that are consistent with your brand and messaging.